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Plastic Teardrops

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January 2022

Go Through Hell by Plastic Teardrops

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November 2021

Breaking Your System by Plastic Teardrops

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October 2021

Get Heavy by Plastic Teardrops

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April 2021

Turn To Dust by Plastic Teardrops

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May 2019

Long Way Down by Plastic Teardrops

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March 2019

Doesn't Matter by Plastic Teardrops

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January 2019

Close To The Ground by Plastic Teardrops

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Plastic Teardrops is a Barcelona based recording artist and producer well known for his infusion of Trip-hop, Downtempo, Acoustic and Blues. Plastic Teardrops’ resonant vibe perfectly blended with flexibility and quick transition of incredible sounds leaves you stunned every time the sounds are on. Ever since Plastic Teardrops started, the vocal ability and energy to perform and create exhilarating sounds has been continually far beyond reproach and you will always want to see him creates vibes again and again. He put so much passion in the music and it’s clearly shown through his major outputs all the time.

As a multi-faceted producer who is heavily influenced by the likes of Massive Attack and Portishead, he believes that, through the fusion of Trip-hop and a blend of Downtempo, he is set to fill the gap that amazing producers have left behind. Off the scenes, Ramon is unbelievably reserved but always happy to be with his fans anytime the opportunity arises. In an industry that is very much interested in the bottom line than artistic excellence, Ramon has managed to use Plastic Teardrops to remain strong in his desire to create a unique sound. Hence, this amazing motivating force is bringing the heat up and without an iota of doubt, Plastic Teardrops has shown us that he has come to stay.

Releasing the stunning lead-single “Falling Together” from the upcoming album "Close To The Ground" coming out in January 2019, Plastic Teardrops set the stage for what’s to come with the emotionally provocative, immaculately chilled-out vibes and smooth sound that slide through the slick production on their first Downtempo tune. A track freshly produced with blend of well laced instrumental depicting emotions and entire masterminds. The album cuts across several trends of life with a lot of amazing message imbedded in the project, with a perfectly enticing approach to music paired with flawless execution and genuinely sincere performances, this is a must listen for all song lovers.

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